DCA is a Proud Minority Business Enterprise in Maryland and Virginia.

Humble Beginnings

54 years ago before the world of startups, venture capitalists and Angel Investors a young couple in their early 20’s decided to create a better life for themselves and their children by starting a company in Prince George’s County that would provide quality photocopiers, service, and supplies to the Washington DC Metro area.

Their focus was on serving business customers honorably and ethically by meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

It wasn’t easy competing against the Goliaths of the day- Apeco and Xerox.

At that time Nancy and her late husband were focused on survival; receiving shipments of paper and toner through a basement transom window they had no idea that 54 years and two generations later they would still be exceeding customer expectations, providing over 60 full time employees with excellent pay and benefits, and serving thousands of loyal customers.

Quality lasts; consistency is priceless; and the pursuit of excellence never goes out of style.

Death of a Founder

In 1996 after the death of her husband and founding partner Doug, Nancy was faced with a dilemma: sell the business or grow the business.  She decided to stay and grow.  She called on her son Vince, who had already been in the industry for over 10 years and was instrumental in helping lead the growth at one of the fastest growing IKON branches in the country to join her.  As a high volume business manager specializing in production units, he was the logical and essential next step in helping Nancy move forward while providing a seamless, consistent carryover of the core values, goals and mission of the company.

Sharp Electronics Partnership

The most significant next step for the company was becoming an authorized Sharp dealer carrying the full line of Sharp business equipment.  During the next seven years, DCA grew into a Top 20 dealership in the nation with $7 million in annual revenue, over 2000 clients and 30 employees without advertising or going into debt.

Service Excellence is in our DNA

During those seven years Sharp awarded DCA seven consecutive Hyakuman Kai awards for outstanding sales achievement and service to the local business community.  This award identifies DCA as one of the industry’s best and underscores the outstanding performance and dedication to their customers.

Headquartered in Lanham, Maryland, DCA Imaging Systems serves the DC Metro area with a tenured management team, a skilled and caring sales team, and a team of highly skilled and certified service technicians.

Currently listed as one of Sharp Electronics’ Top 20 dealers in the nation, DCA continues on the fast track of growth and success, with double digit growth year after year.  This growth is organic-a direct result of our continued commitment to customer service and ethical, honorable business practices.

A New Generation serving our customers

A third generation of young, creative, inspired family team members now work to carry on the original vision and legacy of our founders.

Because the service side of our business is the backbone of all we do for our customers, we retain over 98% of our customers from year to year.  By leveraging that service excellence and the satisfaction of our clients, we’ve become a premier sales organization in our current manufacturer relationships with Sharp and Lexmark.

As we continue to grow in these challenging economic times, we steer clear of new fads or gimmicks to increase sales, and instead continue to improve the total solution we offer for our clients by focusing on constantly improving the effectiveness of our systems and processes such as dispatch, proper service training, managing response time, inventory control, expense control, and accountability to industry best practices.