What goes into successful Managed Print Services?

The Executive Summary

When done correctly, the process of knowing what print related information to gather, and interpreting the data can be a monumental task. This is why most organizations never get to the benefits of a complete summary of their print environment.  It takes time, experience, and skill to create an accurate print environment base point executive summary.

The Assessment

Senior managers understand that information is critical to making wise decisions that can impact costs and processes as well as day to day management. Knowing what you are spending (total cost of operation/ownership or TCO), what machines are over-used or under-used, planning for the future, and working with multiple suppliers add to your management burden.

DCA Imaging focuses on providing you the information, experience and print management expertise to gain control of your print environment. We develop a solution that is customized to fit your multi-location needs.  We also strive to meet operational and financial goals set by senior management. And we value your organizational culture.  We seek to design a print management program that is aligned with your corporate culture.

Experience Matters

With 50+ years of combined Managed Print experience on our MPS team, we can deliver an effective program at a monthly spend that is equal to or below your current level.  All managed for you. We go the extra mile!

So what is next? 

We recommend a brief meeting that will allow us to outline for you the potential for multiple benefits of an active managed print program.